Week 19 GHS.RAR Production Update


Hope everyone are keeping themselves well and safe. A quick production update of the GHS.RAR

GHS.RAR Fastener Kits - Received all kits (Aus). Personal QC at 40% (individually checking each kits regarding quality and quantity). Each kits are individually labelled as per order number. Should be fully completed by this week.

GHS.RAR Case Kits (Alu/Brass) - Materials are bound to arrive this week. CNC programs are ready. CNC should commence early next week.

GHS.RAR Carbon Fibre Plates - CNC completed. Bound for Australia, ETA 24.05.2021

GHS.RAR Packaging - Stickers 80% - should be completed this week. Sample box completed, EVA inserts moulding completed. EVA should be completed this week.

GHS.RAR Silicones - Mouldings have been completed, Production at 20%

GHS.RAR PCB/Daughterboard - DB at pattern plating, Main PCB in Eng file processing.

GHS.RAR Polycarb Plates - Production at 30%GHS personal QC will be performed with all our products to ensure quality.

Live updates are also posted on the ᚷᚺᛋ_ᚱᚨᚱ_updates_no_chats discord channel. In behalf of the GHS team, I would like to wish for everyone's safety during these uncertain times.


* A fortnightly-monthly production updates will be provided on our socials. We encourage everyone to join our discord for more up to date discussions about the GHS.RAR.

GHS Discord - https://discord.gg/mkDmKC8


Once again thank you and please stay safe!



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  • May 09, 2021
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