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Top and Weight ONLY


Screwless seamless 65% keyboard

by Gone Hacking Studio. 

Inspired by the Cherry G80-1800 but with a modern twist. It’s a minimalistic approach to a timeless classic design. Our aim is to be able to design bespoke mechanical keyboards without compromising quality.

The PCB has tabs that you attach silicone sleeves onto. It then fits snugly into the case. Plateless is an option. Please keep in mind that half plates are not to be used with hot-swap PCB builds.


Cad Design by RDG

PCB/Daughterboard Design by RMI



Top and Bottom material   Aluminum 6063 Anodised (Argent, Noir, Azul, Blanc & Jade)
Plate material   Refer to Kit Content and Add Ons
Colors available   Argent (Silver), Noir (Black), Azul (Blue), Blanc (White), Jade (Limited Edition)
PCB   Matte black, ENIG finish, 1.2mm PCB with flex cuts (Solderable and Hotswap)
Weight material   Sandblasted brass with clear coat (standard kits)
  Sandblasted brass or copper (limited kits)
  Optional upgrades to mirror-finish stainless steel, or dark PVD brass
331mm × 134mm × 37mm
Typing angle   6.9°
Case weight  


Kit Contents

Four (4)   M2x4 Hex Screws 
Eight (8)   M2x6 Hex Screws
Four (4)   M2.5x25 Hex Screws
Four (4)   M2.5x12 Hex Screws
Twenty (20)   GHS Silicon Sleeve Gasket [A40]
Twelve (12) FR4 Shims
One (1)   GHS.JEM PCB (Solder or Hotswap)
One (1)   Aluminum silver anodized full plate for Standard Edition, Brass Silver PVD full plate (default), or any of the offered GHS.JEM plate add on for Limited Edition
One (1)   GHS USB-C Daughterboard 
One (1)   GHS Daughterboard JST cable
Four (4)   GHS.JEM Silicone Bump On Strips
One (1)   GHS.JEM Aluminium Anodised Top
One (1)   GHS.JEM Aluminium Anodised Bottom
One (1)   GHS.JEM Sandblasted Brass weight for Standard Edition, Sandblasted Brass or Copper weight for Limited Edition.



FR4 Full Plate 
Polycarbonate Sandblasted full plate
Polycarbonate Sandblasted half plate
Carbon fiber Dark full plate
Carbon fiber Dark half plate
Brass silver PVD full plate
GHS.JEM PCB v1 - (Solder and Hotswap)
GHS Silicone Sleeve Gasket [A40]
GHS.JEM Silicone Dampening full plate (Teal)
GHS.JEM Silicone Bump On Strips
GHS.JEM Fastener Kit (Screws)